Mahogony Obsidian + Tiger's Eye + Sunstone

Mahogany Obsidian: Deeply grounding - Promotes personal growth - Enhances creative energy - Encourages self expression Tiger's Eye: Enhances focus and willpower - A powerful manifestation tool - Helps one feel self-empowered Sunstone: Facilitates confidence, empowerment, and independence - Brings passion, enthusiasm, and creativity into life - Helpful with setting boundaries

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Mahogany Obsidian Meaning

  • Clear thinking
  • Protects from bad energy
  • Helps with physical discomfort

Mahogany Obsidian is a powerful healing stone that can help to cleanse and protect your Aura from negative energy. It is also excellent for crystal clear thinking, and can assist you in making quick decisions. This powerful healing stone can help people achieve their goals. By providing strength and courage, Mahogany Obsidian allows you to face your fears head on and conquer them. Whether you're looking for a new crystal to add to your collection or you're in need of some serious healing, Mahogany Obsidian is the perfect stone for you!

Tiger's Eye Meaning

  • Clarity
  • Wisdom
  • Stone of Luck
  • Protection against fear

Meet Tiger's Eye. This unique crystal is prized for its beautiful chatoyancy, which creates an amazing optical effect known as "cat's eye." It's said to be a powerful stone of luck, wisdom, and protection, and is believed to promote clarity and insight.

Tiger's Eye is thought to be especially helpful for those seeking to overcome fear or worry. It's also said to be helpful in promoting good decision-making. If you're looking for a stone that can give you an edge in business or help you achieve your goals, Tiger's Eye is definitely worth considering.

Sunstone Meaning

  • Power of the Sun
  • Light
  • Joy
  • Enjoy Life

Sunstone is the perfect crystal for anyone looking to heal and clear negative energies. This stunning stone gets its power from the sun, and it is known for its ability to bring joy and light into your life. If you're looking to enjoy life to the fullest, Sunstone is the ideal crystal for you. It works to clear any limitations or negative energies that may be holding you back, replacing them with high vibrations of light and positivity. Sunstone is a must-have for anyone seeking healing, power, and joy.

Why wear them together?

Wearing all three of these stones together will give you that motivation to enjoy life more and have the clear mind you need to get through the day.


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