Madagascar Rose Quartz + Amethyst

Amethyst -Promotes emotional balance and inner peace -Promotes healing -Highly protective from negative energy

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Madagascar Rose Quartz Meaning

  • Heal Emotional Wounds
  • Gentle Healing
  • Bright Hope
  • Relives worry thoughts

Madagascar Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink/purple stone that is known for its healing powers. These stones are perfect for anyone who is looking to heal their emotional wounds. Rose Quartz is a gentle stone that can help to brighten your hope and bring some positivity into your life. It will also help letting go the past and look more toward the future.

Amethyst Meaning

  • Peace
  • Rest
  • Wisdom

Amethysts are beautiful stones that promote emotion balance and inner peace. A highly protective stone, amethysts guard against negative energy. These stones make wonderful gifts for loved ones who could use a little extra calm in their lives. Amethysts also make great tools for meditation, as their calming energy can help to still the mind. Whether you are looking to promote balance and peace in your own life, or in the life of someone you love, amethysts are an excellent choice.

Why you should wear them together?

  • Calms Emotions
  • Improves sleep
  • Let go of past

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